Being 30 co-workers, we know each other personally. In our company, the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Of course, we are equipped with injection machines and robots. But you are supported by people, by experienced specialized staff. The mechanical finishing of individual components or the installation of a component assembly is not totally automatic; it also implies the craft of our co-workers.

Trust is good, control is even better. We assess our work in a self-critical way; we scrupulously control the final product by means of state of the art measuring devices.  The Quality management following ISO 9001 Standard plays a central role in our work process. We believe that a successful production can only occur when work is executed in a quality conscious manner.

We believe in customer-supplier teamwork.

Martignoni AG
Dorfmattweg 5
Postfach 1204
CH-3110 Münsingen